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Yoga in Middletown Delaware
Hot Yoga

Class Descriptions 


At Free to Be Yoga & Movement, our core offerings include Vinyasa Flow or Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mind Body 26, and our unique Strength to Mat class.

Embrace the harmony of tradition and innovation at Free to Be Yoga & Movement. Our mission is to cultivate a space where everyone feels free to be themselves, explore their potential, and find their unique path to well-being.

Mind Body 26 (Hot Fixed Sequence)

Fixed Form Yoga Class Bikram Yoga

Step into the purifying heat of our studio for Mind Body 26, a sequence inspired by classic hot yoga traditions. This class involves 26 distinct postures, executed in a specific order to maximize their health benefits. The elevated temperature helps deepen stretches and promotes an intense detoxification process, enhancing both physical and mental clarity. Tailored for all skill levels, from newcomers to experienced yogis, each posture is designed to build on the previous, creating a seamless experience that cultivates strength, flexibility, and a balanced spirit.

All levels welcome many opportunities for modifications.

Slow & Fiery Flow (Hot)


Embrace the paradox of  Slow and Fiery Flow, a unique hot yoga class that combines the heat of a challenging practice with the grace of slow, flowing movements. This class invites you to explore the boundaries of strength and flexibility within the soothing embrace of a heated environment. Perfect for those looking to deepen their practice, each pose is held longer to intensify the burn and improve endurance, making it an ideal session for yogis seeking both tranquility and transformation. Join us to ignite your inner fire while maintaining a peaceful flow.

Suitable for all levels as there are many opportunities for modifications.

75 min Vin/Yin Fusion (Hot)

Hot Yoga in Middletown DE

Vin/Yin Fusion blends the vitality of Vinyasa with the peacefulness of Yin Yoga in a warm setting that enhances both practices. Begin with vigorous Vinyasa poses to stoke your inner fire and boost cardiovascular health, then ease into the deep, meditative holds of Yin for improved flexibility and relaxation. This 75-minute class provides a holistic workout that respects the needs of your body your mind and rewards your spirit with deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of practitioners, our Vin/Yin Hot Yoga class offers modifications and enhancements to meet you on your mat, where you are. Join us to discover the transformational power of heat, the fluidity of movement, and the stillness of mind.

Candle Light Yoga: Yin & Restore (Non-Heated)


Embrace the calm of the evening with our Candlelit Yin & Restore Yoga, a perfect blend of relaxation and restoration yoga by candlelight. As shadows play across the room, immerse
yourself in poses that deeply stretch and decompress your body, counteracting the
day stress. The warm, inviting glow of candles enhances the experience, promoting
deeper relaxation and a meditative state. Suitable for all levels, this class helps you unwind and recenter in the comforting embrace of the night.

Strength to Mat: Strength Training & Yin Yoga


Strength to Mat: Dynamic Balance offers a unique combination of high-intensity strength training and soothing Yin Yoga. Begin with a robust session using kettlebells or bodyweight exercises to boost your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. After energizing your body, shift to the calming practice of Yin Yoga, where prolonged stretches target connective tissues, promoting flexibility and a deep sense of peace. Perfect for all fitness levels, this class ensures you experience the best of both worlds—powerful physical training and serene relaxation.  All levels welcome many opportunities for modifications.

Fire Vibes Flow (Hot)

Vinyasa Yoga Hot Yoga

Fire Vibes Flow offers a dynamic yoga practice that combines the elements of heat and challenging poses to create a transformative experience. Each session guides you through creative flows that build strength, enhance flexibility, and promote sweat, all set to the rhythm of inspiring beats. The heated environment enhances flexibility and aids in muscle relaxation, allowing you to achieve poses previously beyond reach while energizing your body and calming your mind.  This practice is a pathway to greater wellness and a deeper connection with your inner fire. Ideal for yogis looking to push the boundaries of their practice, however all levels welcome as there are many opportunities for modifications.

Slow Vibes Flow (Hot)


Elevate your daily routine with Slow Vibes Flow, a hot yoga class where slow movements meet warm ambience. Perfect for all levels, this class offers a peaceful retreat to explore poses more deeply while enjoying the detoxifying benefits of a heated room. Available at the convenience of 6 AM or 6 PM, it's an ideal way to either kick-start your morning with positivity or wind down your day with tranquility. 

All levels welcome many opportunities for modifications.

Yin Yoga (Non-Heated)

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga offers a unique opportunity to chill out and tune in to your body's needs. Through extended poses lasting up to five minutes, this class gently stretches connective tissues and promotes healing while encouraging a meditative state.

Perfect for all levels, the cool environment enhances your ability to explore your flexibility and joint mobility in depth.

Vibes & Vinyasa (Hot)


Start your weekend with our Vibes and Vinyasa class, a dynamic hot yoga experience set to motivating music. Feel the heat intensify your practice as you flow through poses and sequences that challenge and center. This class is suited for anyone looking to enhance their flexibility and strength in a supportive, high-energy atmosphere. Transform your weekend routine into a celebration of movement and mindfulness.

All levels welcome many opportunities for modifications.

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