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Join the Movement in Middletown, DE!

What is Free to Be Yoga & Movement?

A place of play.

A place of pause.

A place of recovery. 

A place of rediscovery.


A place to meet yourself exactly where you are today!

Hot Yoga in Middletown

Welcome to Free to Be Yoga & Movement – your space to breathe, flow, laugh, and discover yourself. Nestled in the heart of Middletown, Delaware, we’re more than a yoga studio; we’re a vibrant community, a sanctuary for your soul, and a playground for your spirit.

We believe yoga is for everyone. It's not just about the poses; it's about the journey towards self-discovery, fostering mindfulness, and savoring the connection between body, mind, and spirit. We offer various yoga styles like Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Mindbody 26, and Yin Yoga, along with our unique Strength to Mat class, for a diverse experience that suits all levels.

Let's build strength, cultivate peace, and create a more joyful, resilient life together.

We are NOW OPEN!

103 Patriot Drive

Suite 104

Middletown, DE


The Free to Be Yoga Manifesto

 At Free to Be Yoga & Movement, we believe in freedom - the freedom to be yourself, to move your body, to express your individuality. We believe in community - a tribe of like-minded souls who lift each other up. We believe in music - the rhythm that unites us and sets our spirits soaring. We believe in mindfulness - the art of living in the present, savouring each moment. We believe in playfulness - because life is too short to be taken seriously all the time. And finally, we believe in family - the bond that forms when people come together in a shared passion. This is our manifesto. This is who we are. Free to Be.

Discover Freedom in Movement - Download the Free to Be Yoga & Movement App Today!

Unleash the yoga enthusiast within you and experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation right at your fingertips.


Immerse yourself in the empowering world of Free to Be Yoga & Movement with our user-friendly mobile app. With just a simple tap, explore our vibrant studio located in the heart of Middletown, DE, and let your yoga journey begin.

Free to Be Yoga
Free to Be Yoga
Middletown Yoga

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103 Patriot Drive 

Suite 104 

Middletown, DE 19709


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