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How Can a Dancer Improve Flexibility?

Two practices to add to your dancer tool box

Hi Dance Family!!

I get asked a lot how I stay so flexible as I keep getting older? LOL

Two major things dancers should incorporate in their routine

  1. Mindful Stretching

  2. Strength


Adding a mindful stretch and strength program to your regular dance classes can increase your dancer "tool box".

With lots of heart and thought, Free to Be Yoga & Movement digital studio was created to share my 32 years of dance and movement training.

The digital studio has strength practices that have helped me to continue my recovery from my injury. The digital studio offers strength, flexibility and breathing practices that will certainly help any dancer. The breathing practices can assist with the "stage fright" that many of us have experienced in our dancing career.

Drop a comment to let me know your thoughts?

Coming soon to Free to Be Yoga & Movement Dance Practices!!!!



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