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Friday Thoughts: Say Goodbye to Inner Monologues!

Does your mind start to worry about what others are thinking?

Am I too intense?
Am I working hard enough?
Am I doing a good job?

Who is actually thinking those negative thoughts?

It's you. You are thinking and believing those thoughts. We all can experience this at times.

But wait...

You may think that it is really the fact that other people are judging you?

No. We really will never know what other people are thinking. Most likely, those people are wondering what you think about them.

This doesn't mean that people will not judge you or think negative about you. This does happen.

This is to say that people tend to use their own thoughts and experiences as an "anchor" for their assumptions about other people. People are often the hardest and most judgmental about parts of other people that they are insecure about themselves.

Instead of internalizing it and making it mean something about you, ask yourself this question.

What negative thoughts do they have about themselves that "anchor" their belief about you?

The freedom that comes from realizing this will let you do whatever you love and believe whatever you want about your success and accomplishments.

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