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🎉 Tribe Triumph: Our New Partnership with The Nest Play Cafe! 🐣

Today marks a momentous occasion in our journey towards nurturing a balanced lifestyle for you and your family. We are bubbling with excitement to unveil our latest partnership with a haven of joy and creativity – The Nest Play Cafe!

A New Perch for Little Ones! 🐤

For all the phenomenal parents and guardians in our community, The Nest is opening its arms (and play areas!) with a special discount exclusively for our Free to Be Tribe members.

🌟 Imagine a place where you can trust that your little ones are more than just looked after; they’re engaged, learning, and laughing.

The Nest: Not Just Another Play Cafe ☕️🎈

Nestled in the heart of our city, The Nest Play Cafe is more than a play space; it’s a sanctuary where children can explore safely and joyously. Here’s why we are all a-flutter about our new friends:

  • Educational Fun: The Nest isn’t just about play. It’s about growth. With a variety of classes designed to spark imagination and encourage developmental milestones, your kids will learn while they laugh.

Self-Care Meets Child’s Play 🧘‍♀️👶

This collaboration is designed with the heart of our philosophy in mind: balance. While you delve into the serenity of our classes, your children will be embarking on adventures of their own just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

The Details:

  • Exclusive Discount: As a token of our communal ties, The Nest Play Cafe is offering a discount to all our members.

  • Convenient Location: Drop your kids off at The Nest, and you're moments away from starting your own Free to Be journey.

  • Quality Time: After your class, reunite with your child and share stories of your respective adventures!

Join the Celebration 🎊

Use the link on our schedule page to sign up for Play Times:

Learn more about the Nest Play Cafe by visiting

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