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Free to Be Yoga & Movement in Middletown Life

At Free To Be Yoga & Movement, we are inspired by the journey of our founder, Danielle Bukowski. Danielle's path to yoga and movement is one of transformation, resilience, and profound discovery. From her early days as a vibrant yet challenged dancer to overcoming personal obstacles and finding solace in movement, Danielle's story is a testament to the power of self-reflection and growth. Her experiences, from the ballet studios of her youth to the introspective spaces of yoga mats, have shaped the philosophy of our studio.

Danielle's commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment encourages everyone to explore their potential, embrace their journey, and find joy in movement. Her story, featured in Middletown Life Magazine, highlights not just her personal evolution but also her vision for

Free To Be Yoga & Movement: a place where individuals can come to discover their inner strength, peace, and community. Join us in celebrating the beauty of being free to be ourselves, under the guidance of a truly inspirational leader.

For the full story on Danielle's journey and the ethos behind Free To Be Yoga & Movement, visit Middletown Life Magazine.

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